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The role of marketing is to tantalise and get the buyers wanting to find out more. There are a number of options to consider when looking at the ways to advertise your property. I will look at each option in relation to the sale of your property & work with you to help you decide what is the best way to market your property using a “mix of advertising” from the options outlined below.

The major internet site for real estate in Australia is There are a number of other sites e.g. Domain, Your Home, etc but is the main one and you need to have your property listed on this site. All my listings are put on & Domain sites as a free service. There are also a number of ways to highlight your property on these sites to make your property listing more visible 

“A picture speaks louder than a 1,000 words” …
I have always believed this and always recommend you consider professional photography. As the main source of enquiry for properties is now through the internet your property & photos will be shown there. The photos and presentation of a property can make a real difference as to whether you get the best price for your property and how long it takes to sell the property.

Floor Plan:
A floor plan of your property can be drawn and it can be shown on the internet and on the back of the Property Brochure. A floor plan makes it easier for a buyer to work out how their furniture and their requirements fit with your property. Floor plans are very useful if you have an unusual layout or your property is large and has a lot of rooms

Database Marketing:
An email is sent to all buyers on my database who are qualified buyers looking for a property like yours in the area to advise them of your property sale & inspection times

Property Brochures:
A brochure with photos of your property and a description of the property is given to buyers when they inspect your property. This helps the buyers recall the property especially if they are viewing a number of properties on one day. A floor plan of your property can also be included on the back of this brochure

“For Sale” Sign:
A “For Sale” sign with your agents name & direct phone contact details or a photo sign will be erected at your property. The sign is outside your property advertising it 24 hours a day!

Letterbox drops:
Flyers advertising your property are dropped in letterboxes around your property encouraging buyers in the area to buy in the area they know or recommend to a friend or family member

Window Card:
All properties listed will be displayed in my Sales window with photos of the property & a description. Even though each property is displayed the practice of people looking at Sales windows to find out what is on the market has been superseded by looking on the internet.

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